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Corporate Leadership Council

What is the Council?

Our corporate partners are instrumental in helping us do everything from offering timely, Head Start-specific professional development to staff and families, to raising awareness about key developments, providing valuable new resources and thought leadership and so much more. 
The Corporate Leadership Council is a unique opportunity for a select group of NHSA’s corporate champions. Its goal is to foster deeper collaboration—a chance to gain special insight about the evolving Head Start market and for our corporate partners to offer us strategic guidance. Together we identify and highlight present challenges, relevant developments, impending policy updates, prospective opportunities, and more. NHSA believes that by working closely with our corporate partners with a proven track record of supporting growth and excellence in Head Start, we will maximize their business initiatives and advance NHSA’s mission, while also increasing vital opportunities and resources for the Head Start community.
The exclusive benefits of the Corporate Leadership Council include:
  • Dedicated quarterly webinars facilitated by Yasmina Vinci (Executive Director) and Tommy Sheridan (Director of Government Affairs) to share the status of NHSA’s current work, including our government affairs and advocacy efforts. The webinars are interactive and allow time for questions and answers.
  • All NHSA field communications.
  • Annual private one-on-one meeting with NHSA’s executive team. 
  • Personalized post-conference after-action meetings with to discuss continuous quality improvement opportunities.
  • Public recognition of our ongoing, substantive partnership featured in the partners section of NHSA’s website.
  • Dedicated opportunities to be featured in NHSA’s new monthly newsletter, National Head Start Happenings.
  • Advanced notification and selection of new marketing opportunities


Corporate Leadership Council Member