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Families Unite for Head Start
July Playbook

Meeting with Local Members of Congress

In the first step of the Families Unite Campaign, we encourage you to set up a local meeting with your members of Congress this August while they are at home in your community for fall recess. One way you can directly get involved in the campaign is by setting up a local meeting with your member(s) of Congress this August.

Meeting face-to-face with your members of Congress, or one of their staff, is one of the most influential ways to share how unique, innovative, and high-quality Head Start programs are. Although meeting face-to-face with members of Congress can seem intimidating, remember, they are just people too! Moreover, their goal is to learn from and represent YOU, their constituents. With that in mind, your number one goal should be to become a trusted resource to them. If you do that, you will have had a successful meeting. Below are the first four steps of the Families Unite Campaign.

How to schedule a meeting:

Step 1:

Find out who your members of Congress are by entering your zip code here:

Step 2:

Find the contact information of your members’ schedulers by calling the Capitol Hill switchboard operator: (202) 224-3121. They will connect you to your members’ offices where you can simply ask, “Can you please provide me with the name and email address of your scheduler?” *You’ll need to do this three times, once for each of your two senators and once more for your representative/congressperson.

Step 3:

Download and personalize this invitation template with your program's specific details.

Step 4:

Send your invitation to all three schedulers for your members of Congress via email.

What if they RSVP no? If your member of Congress is unable to set up a local meeting in August, don’t lose hope! We recommend you: extend the invite to one of their senior staff or schedule a local meeting during a different month of the year.