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Our Impacts

NHSA believes that those best equipped to testify to the life-changing impact of Head Start programs are Head Start alumni.

That is why in 2014, we reignited our national campaign to encourage all Head Start children and parents to identify themselves and share their story.

As we began our 50th year anniversary celebrations we not only wanted to celebrate the program, but all those who are products of it, by enabling them to proudly testify that: Head Start Works! Over the course of the year hundreds of  new alumni signed up to become members of NHSA’s Head Start Alumni Network.

We also launched our monthly alumni e-newsletter, Connections, that provides members with meaningful ways to stay connected with NHSA and get involved, all in an effort to ensure that Head Start’s window of opportunity continues for generations to come! It also enables members to connect with other alumni and learn of the diverse successes and important work many alum are involved in today. Since the newsletter began, the stories of more than 40 alumni have been featured.

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