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Go Smart
Play anywhere, anytime, on any device

What is Go Smart?

Go Smart is an innovative digital platform that enables children aged 0-5 to easily engage in developmentally appropriate physical activities.

What Kinds of Activities are Included?

Go Smart includes all kinds of activities for children aged 0-5, whether in a group or one-on-one setting, in any kind of environment, and with any kinds of materials on hand.

Get Moving Today!

Play Anywhere, Anytime

Children need at least an hour of physical activity each day. Using Go Smart, you can discover the importance of physical play with quick and simple ways to get 0-5 year olds more active!

This new web tool is a “coach in your pocket” that gives teachers and parents of children aged 0-5 easy access to fun physical activities anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Beautifully designed by an international team of illustrators, Go Smart offers an inviting way to get young children moving. Using the free tool, parents and teachers can easily find games and activities that reach children where they are and help develop important skills and abilities. Through the tool parents and teachers can also watch video tips, share activities, get updates and reminders, and build “activity boards” to curate their favorite activities for future play!


Sample Activity:


About Go Smart

Go Smart serves as a national model for integrating physical activity across all areas of early learning in Head Start programs. It is one way NHSA delivers on its strategic mission to improve the health and development of young children aged birth to 5 and engage their families.

This digital platform highlights the importance of implementing physical activity in the everyday play of young children and also guides parents and teachers to use activities to reach defined goals and objectives for each child.  Field tests show Go Smart not only increases children’s movement, but also shows caregivers how to use simple, physical activity games as a vehicle for learning.

It is essential to honor parents and families as a child’s first teachers, and recognize that the highest quality early learning programs engage each child’s family with his or her development. Go Smart delivers choices of developmentally-appropriate games and activities that both parents and teacher use to enhance children’s development through fun, engaging, and meaningful physical activity.